Our Story

About Us

Welcome to Banneya London, where you will only find beautiful fine jewellery pieces, hand-selected by our creative team, from the best jewellery designers across the world. The collections we are proud to present embody the most creative, vibrant and beautiful contemporary jewellery pieces sourced from our global community of designers. Banneya London brings to life a dazzling array of designs, and all our jewellery can be customised, personalised and made to order.

Our technical team works closely with designers to translate their creative flair into intricate models which are then produced with great care by our technicians. Experts lovingly make each piece of jewellery; we only use the most advanced technologies to manufacture each item and our craftsmen have been trained in the best fine jewellery workshops in London and around the world.

We are committed to bringing together the best designs in contemporary fine jewellery and an unrelenting standard of quality to our products. We pride ourselves in living and breathing innovation and design excellence, and strive to produce exceptional and distinctive pieces every day.

The Founders' Story

Co-Founders Nimesh Thakrar and Misa Zahar met during their MBA at London Business School and quickly realised they shared a passion for high quality and perfectly manufactured products. Nimesh started his career in Formula 1 having joined the Honda Team soon after his Mechanical Engineering degree from Imperial College. Misa’s career in the luxury goods industry made her an advocate for high quality product and branding, and in particular her time at Alfred Dunhill deepened her love for craftsmanship and design.

“We were both passionate about innovation, products and quality. We also thought that luxury was being re-defined by technology and we wanted to be part of this paradigm shift. We are looking to create a ‘jewel-tech’ revolution and decided to embark on this extraordinary journey,” says Nimesh of how the pair set about launching Banneya London.

In addition, Nimesh’s experience in the fashion team at Amazon and Misa’s branding and product development know-how garnered in the largest international luxury groups makes the team perfectly complementary. The diverse skillsets they represent will enable Banneya London to become the destination brand for personalised, customised and bespoke fine jewellery pieces.