Behind The Scenes


Craftsmanship is the cornerstone of Banneya London. We have a deep and intense love for all things beautiful and believe that only the best craftsmen can produce our fine jewellery pieces. To ensure this, we only work with highly skilled experts dedicated to beauty, quality and excellence.

We want to give our craftsmen control over their unique skills and allow them to showcase their talent. We take away designers’ manufacturing challenges so that they can let their imagination run wild and create the most contemporary, beautiful and unique jewellery pieces.

Original craftsmanship techniques employed to finish each piece by hand are paramount to our ethos whatever technique we use in the jewellery making process. This is what sets us apart . Our polishers, stonecutters, and setters are the best in London and around the world, and our pieces – from our rings, earrings, necklaces, through to our men’s cufflinks – are lovingly finished in state-of-the-art workshops.

Why We Use It

We are creating the retailer of the future, whose vision resonates with a new notion of luxury and embodies the values we share. Banneya London’s founding team DNA is steeped in craftsmanship across two highly discerning industries – Formula 1 and Luxury Menswear. Both are known for their attention to detail, their highly selective supplier operations and their care for the craftsmen and experts working in their field.

We hope that Banneya London will bring some of this savoir-faire to unite craftsmanship and technology to create beautiful products and change the way fine jewellery is purchased.


We use digital modelling technology because it allows us to create unique jewellery pieces made to order for each one of our customers. All our hand-finished pieces can be tailored, customised and feature design elements impossible to create with traditional fabrication methods.

Designers love it because it allows them greater creative freedom; both aesthetically and functionally. Customers love it because it allows them to own bespoke pieces of jewellery to express their personalities.

In addition, all our fine jewellery is individually Hallmarked by the Assay Offices’ in the UK. This trusted mark guarantees that each and every piece purchased at Banneya London adheres to the legal standards of gold purity and has been independently tested by experts.